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What is School ERP Software?

School ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline and integrate various school management processes. It typically includes modules for student information, attendance, timetable, exams, grades, communication, and other administrative functions.

The software aims to enhance efficiency, communication, and data management within schools. It provides a centralized system for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to access relevant information and collaborate effectively.

School ERP Software Features

Integrated Platform for Modern School Management: Facilitates the transformation of school processes, empowering schools, teachers, students, and parents.


Highly Customizable Software

Offers a high degree of customization, allowing adaptation to specific school needs and workflows.

Scalable & Secure Servers

Scalable & Secure Servers

Operates on scalable and secure servers, ensuring adaptability to the evolving needs of the school.

Cloud-based Application

Cloud-based Application

Enables secure access to school information from anywhere via the cloud.

24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Support

Provides continuous support to schools, ensuring access to assistance around the clock.

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Modules of School ERP Software

Our School ERP system efficiently manages all aspects of school administration, including daily activities, admissions, fee collections, and examinations. Our platform is tailored for various school types (CBSE, IB, ICSE, State Board) and integrates essential modules for seamless operations.

Lead Management

Efficiently handle inquiries, monitor communication, and oversee the admissions process seamlessly from initial interest to enrollment.

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Admission Management

Streamlines the traditional admission process, offering a convenient platform for parents, students, and all stakeholders.

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Fee Management

Streamline fee payment processes, generate invoices and receipts, track outstanding payments, and provide different payment options for parents.

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Expenses Management

Record & generate expense reports for analysis, streamline reimbursement processes and ensure transparency in financial transactions.

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ID Card

This feature streamlines the process, ensuring a quick and organized issuance of ID cards for students and staff within the school community.

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Hostel Management

Efficiently allocate and manage hostel rooms, track occupancy status, handle hostel fees, and monitor resident attendance and conduct.

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Student Information System

Centralized database for comprehensive student information, including demographics, academic history, admissions, transfers, and withdrawals.

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Grade Book

Record and calculate student grades, and generate progress reports for parents with GPA and overall academic performance.

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Certificate Generator

Easily generate customized certificates for various achievements and events, maintaining a record of issued certificates.

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Attendance Management

Track daily attendance for students and staff, generate attendance reports, and send automated alerts for low attendance or absences.

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Library Management

Catalog and organize library books, manage check-outs and returns, track overdue books, and provide an online catalog for easy access.

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Transport Management

Effectively monitor, manage & communicate and update school bus routes, track student attendance on buses to parents.

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Communication Module

Make your school more transparent for seamless real-time information sharing and timely announcements.

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HR & Payroll

Manage employee information, automate payroll processing, track leaves, attendance, and staff performance, and generate salary slips and reports.

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Benefits of our School ERP Software

Our eTutor school ERP is an integrated platform with advanced features that benefit school management, teachers, students, and parents on a large scale.

For School Management

  • Boost operational efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced paperwork and manual effort
  • Saves time
  • Lower operational costs
  • Communication enhancement
  • Achieve 5X success rate
  • Access to a centralized database

For Teachers

  • Efficient grade management
  • Lesson planning and resource management
  • Communication with Students and Parents
  • Time-saving
  • Track students performance
  • Immediate feedback

For Parents

  • Efficient Tracking of Student Performance
  • Regular updates on school activities
  • Online Fee Management
  • Transparent Communication with Teachers
  • Instant Alerts and Notifications
  • Collaboration in School Activities

For Students

  • Access to Resources
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Self-Management in academic progress
  • Feedback and Assessment
  • Timely Updates and Reminders

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Yes, our School ERP Software is secure to protect important information like student records.

No technical expertise is needed to use our user-friendly School ERP Software.

Yes, our software can be customized to meet the specific needs of your school.

WhatsApp integration enhances communication efficiency, enabling quick updates and notifications for parents, teachers, and students.

Yes, it can integrate with other systems or software, making the experience more seamless.

Yes, eTutor ERP Software integrates a secure payment gateway, allowing users to make online transactions for fees with convenience and transparency.

The software integrates biometric or RFID technology to secure and streamline attendance tracking, ensuring precision and efficiency.

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