Streamline Online Student Attendancewith eTutor School ERP

Effortless, Accurate, and Paperless Attendance Tracking for Educational Institutions.

Core Features of our Attendance Management

Our attendance management software automates and simplifies attendance marking, reducing manual errors and improving overall efficiency.

Setting Attendance Criteria

Define criteria for attendance, such as minimum attendance requirements or specific rules for marking attendance.

Making Attendance

Easily record and manage attendance for students or staff members manually or through automated methods like RFID or biometrics.

Institutional Reports

Generate comprehensive reports at an institutional level to gain insights into attendance trends and patterns.

Month-Wise Detailed Reports

Access detailed attendance reports monthly, offering a more granular view of attendance data.

Update Working Days

Flexibly update the system with changes to the academic calendar, including working days, holidays, or special events.

Upload Attendance and Holidays

Simplify data management by allowing the upload of attendance records and holiday schedules, streamlining the process for administrators.

Benefits of our attendance management

  • Automated attendance tracking
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Automated notifications for students, parents, and admins.
  • Customizable MIS reporting
  • Improved student engagement


The primary function of an attendance management system is to assist class teachers in recording student attendance while enabling administrators to monitor and manage attendance data throughout the academic year efficiently.

An attendance management system benefits all school stakeholders, including class teachers, parents, administrators, and students. It provides a comprehensive view of daily and overall student attendance, enabling informed decisions and actions. Additionally, administrators can utilize the system to manage staff attendance, incorporating biometric authentication device integration for accurate tracking.

You may create rules to send parents push notifications as their children's teachers record their attendance. Notifications through SMS can also be issued if necessary. It makes it easier to communicate with parents right away about student attendance.

Regardless of whether the student has registered on the eTutorl Digital platform, their attendance can be accepted as long as the admin has entered the student details into the eTutor digital portal.

Indeed, parents can conveniently monitor their children's attendance records online. They can access month-wise attendance data, including presence, absence, and overall attendance percentages, through the Mobile App and the web dashboard.

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