Simple, Robust, and Smart Fee Management Software for Schools

Automate and streamline fee management processes for your educational institutions with eTutor School ERP software

Fee Management System
Fee Master particulars for every class

Define Fee Master particulars for every class(Class Fee, Bus Fee, Hostel Fee)

  • Create the class fee structure for every class, along with terms and installment dates.
  • Define the specific bus routes the students can use associated costs for that route.
  • Details about hostel accommodation, costs incurred, and payment schedule dates.
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Automated Fee Calculation

  • Automatically calculate fees based on predefined parameters, discounts, and concessions for different categories of students.
  • Calculate and apply late fees for overdue payments, ensuring timely collections.
  • Maintain detailed financial records for each student, including all fee-related transactions.
  • Manage and track fee concessions, scholarships, and discounts for eligible students.
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Automated Fee Calculation
Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting

  • For accounting and auditing purposes, generate financial reports, such as balance sheets, income statements, and fee collection summaries, such as fee dues, overdue, and day-wise fee transactions.
  • Maintain detailed financial records for each student, including all fee-related transactions.
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Fee Reminders and Notifications

  • Send automated reminders to students and parents about upcoming fee payment deadlines via email, SMS, or app notifications.
  • Seamlessly integrate with payment gateways to facilitate online fee payments and improve convenience.
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Fee Reminders and Notifications
Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

  • Assign different roles and permissions to staff members for data security and access control.
  • Ensure robust data security and compliance with data protection regulations.
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Benefits of our Fee Management Software

  • User-friendly interface to payments.
  • Quick and time-efficient process.
  • Reduced human error
  • Encrypted security features
  • Reduced paperwork and cost savings
  • Real-time accurate transaction data access
  • AI-based Reminders on fee payments


The primary goal of fee management software is to simplify fee collection, categorization, and tracking for administrators, ensuring ease of understanding.

Fee management software digitizes the various aspects of the school fee management activities that would take a lot of manual work. For instance, it helps in fee collection, checking fees due and overdue, generating fee reports, sending automated Fee reminders, etc.

Our software stores and manages concessions-related documents, making it easy to review and verify students' eligibility for specific concessions.

Certainly, eTutor's fee management system includes a comprehensive fee management system. Administrators have the flexibility to determine which fees incur fines, set acceptable amounts, specify deadlines, and even provide a grace period for late payments. During the grace period, the fine remains optional, but after a set period, it becomes a daily charge.

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