Simplify Lead Management System From Inquiry to Enrollment

Our school ERP software efficiently capture, centralize, assign, analyze, and report on leads, making the enrollment process smoother than ever.

Lead Management System for School

Lead management

Our school ERP system is tailored to streamline schools' entire lead management process, from initial inquiry to enrollment.

Lead Capturing

Simplify lead capture with our user-friendly interface. Easily collect essential information from prospective students and their parents, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks.

Giving Enquiry Number

Assign a unique and identifiable number to every Lead, making tracking and managing each potential student's journey from initial inquiry to enrollment easier.

Lead Centralization

Gone are the days of scattered lead data. Centralize all your lead information in one secure location, making it accessible to your staff and improving coordination and response times.

Leads Assigning

Efficiently distribute leads to the right team members or departments based on their expertise and availability. Ensure that no lead goes unattended, providing every prospect with a prompt and personalized experience.

Lead Analytics

Our advanced analytics tools help you gain valuable insights into your leads' behaviour and preferences. Understand what drives prospective students' interest and tailor your communication accordingly.

Lead Reports

Track your lead management performance with comprehensive reports. Get a clear overview of lead conversion rates, lead sources, and more, allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your recruitment strategies.

School ERP System for Lead management in schools

School ERP System for Lead management in schools

  • Automates and streamlines the lead management process
  • Reducing manual data entry and paperwork.
  • Eliminates the risk of losing potential student inquiries
  • Centralizes all lead information in one secure database
  • Assignment of leads to the right team members or departments
  • Generate comprehensive lead management reports
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A Lead Management ERP software system is designed to help educational institutions efficiently manage prospective student leads from initial inquiry to enrollment. It streamlines the lead capture, centralization, assignment, analysis, and reporting processes.

Effective lead management is essential for schools to increase enrollment, improve communication with prospective students, and gain insights into lead behaviour to optimize marketing efforts.

Lead capture involves using user-friendly forms to collect information from potential students and their parents. The ERP system automates this process, making it easier to gather essential data.

Yes, an ERP for lead management allows for efficient lead assignment. Leads can be automatically or manually assigned to the most suitable team members based on their skills and availability.

Lead analytics to provide insights into lead behaviour, preferences, and conversion rates. This information helps schools understand what motivates prospective students, enabling them to refine marketing strategies.

Lead reports offer a comprehensive overview of lead management performance. They include data on lead conversion rates, lead sources, and other key metrics, helping schools make data-driven decisions.

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