Track the school bus systemwith eTutor's ERP software.

Manage your school's bus routes and associated fees with a user-friendly ERP platform. With our school ERP software, you can effortlessly create bus routes, manage bus fees, and even set up convenient fee installments.

Transport Management Key Features:

Create Bus Routes

Our system allows you to create, edit, and manage bus routes with just a few clicks. Easily define the stops, schedules, and capacity for each route.

Bus Fee Master

Seamlessly add and manage bus fees for different routes and students. Customized fee structures are at your fingertips, providing you with complete control.

Convenient Fee Installments

Set up flexible fee installment plans to accommodate various payment schedules. Parents and guardians will appreciate the ease of paying in installments.

How do we benefit?

  • Keep everyone in the loop with real-time updates on routes, fees, and installment details.
  • Reduce administrative work by automating fee calculations and reminders
  • Ensures your data's highest level of security, keeping it safe from unauthorized access.
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Our ERP system uses advanced algorithms to optimize bus routes, considering factors like student pickup/drop-off locations, traffic conditions, and time constraints. This results in efficient and cost-effective routing.

Our ERP system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing transportation and GPS systems, ensuring compatibility with your school's current infrastructure.

Yes, our ERP system provides real-time bus tracking. Parents can use a mobile app or web portal to monitor the school bus's exact location, ensuring their children's safety and on-time arrival.

Our ERP system enhances safety by providing real-time tracking, driver behavior monitoring, emergency notification features, and alerts for parents, ensuring a secure and efficient school transportation experience.

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