Create school ID cards using eTutor school ERP software

Effortlessly design, print, and manage ID cards for students, staff, and faculty. Adds an extra layer of security and professionalism to your institution.

ID Card Generator Features

Streamlines the ID card generation process, making it efficient and hassle-free for schools.

Customized ID Cards

This module offers the ability to create personalized ID cards tailored to your school's unique requirements. These ID cards typically feature the name, photograph, ID number, and other pertinent details. The design can be fully customized to align with your school's branding and security standards.

Access Control Integration

The generated ID cards can be integrated with access control systems, enabling secure entry to school premises or specific areas within the campus.

Photo Capture and Insertion

The software may include a feature to capture student photos directly through a webcam or import them from existing records. These photos are then seamlessly inserted into the ID card template.

Bulk Printing

Schools can generate ID cards in bulk, making providing cards for all students quick and efficient. This feature is especially helpful at the beginning of the school year or for new enrollees.

Barcode or QR Code Integration

eTutor School ERP Software can include barcodes or QR codes on the ID cards, allowing for quick and easy scanning for various purposes, such as attendance tracking or library access.

ID Card Reprints

The software can manage ID card reprints if a card is lost or damaged. It ensures that students always have access to their identification.


The eTutor ERP ID Card Generator is a feature designed to simplify the creation, design, and printing of identification cards for students, staff, and faculty in educational institutions.

This feature offers several benefits, including customizable design options, increased efficiency, enhanced security, data integration, card printing capabilities, compliance with security standards, and user-friendly accessibility.

Yes, the ID Card Generator allows you to fully customize the design of your school's ID cards, including adding logos, colors, and other branding elements to maintain a professional and consistent appearance.

You can enhance security by incorporating barcodes, QR codes, magnetic stripes, and other security features into your ID cards. It helps with access control and tracking.

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