Streamlined Student Admission Management System for Schools

Simplifies, streamlines, and automates the student admission and enrollment process. A cloud-based software fully compatible with web and mobile devices, ensuring access anytime and from anywhere."

Admission Management System

Why Choose eTutor for Admission Management?

Streamline the Admission Process

Simplify and automate every step from application submission to enrollment.

Enhanced User Experience

Offer prospective students and parents a user-friendly application process.

Real-time Updates

Keep applicants informed about their application status.

Paperless Efficiency

Say goodbye to paperwork and manual data entry.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate with other school management features.

Data Security

Your admissions data is stored securely in the cloud.

Complete Digitalization of the admission process

Complete Digitalization of the admission process

  • Monitor student admission progress from anywhere, at any time.
  • Streamline the digital collection and processing of student records, reducing paperwork.
  • Securely update, maintain, and store student information.
  • Flexibility to import the student data through Excel files.
  • Displays class-wise enquiries list based on interested, not interested, and follow-up.
  • Displays the students fee concession list and its approval status.
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Structured Lead Nurturing

  • Segment students according to their application type (offline/online) and lead status
  • Check with the lead status whether it is assigned or not assigned.
  • Assigning enquiries to the counsellors.
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Lead Nurturing
Seamless Progress Monitoring

Seamless Progress Monitoring

  • Effortlessly monitor the advancement of leads and make well-informed decisions efficiently.
  • Identify promising leads based on administrative and student interactions within the admission management portal
  • Configure and collect fees at the class level.
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Customized Admission Portal

  • Develop and personalize an admission portal accessible via web and mobile devices
  • Regularly post portal updates and dispatch SMS reminders
  • Enable online payment for admission/form fees and offer downloadable receipts.
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Customized Admission Portal


When a student's admission is successfully confirmed after completing all necessary procedures, the information provided by the student is seamlessly and automatically transferred to the student directory via the online student admission management system. It eliminates the need for redundant data entry.

Implementing an online admission management system simplifies and streamlines the student admission process, making it both straightforward and efficient. In essence, it allows for the complete digitization of the entire admission process, from collecting data from students and parents to final admissions confirmation.

After a student has submitted an inquiry or admission request to the school, it's essential to maintain effective communication. If a parent or student is unavailable when contacted, they can request a follow-up. Administrators can conveniently schedule follow-up calls at a time that suits the concerned person, with all these details noted in the admission management system. It ensures that every prospective student's needs are addressed, regardless of the volume of applicants.

While many students prefer the convenience of online applications, some still apply offline by physically visiting the school. eTutor ERP school software offers a solution to cater to these offline applicants. Offline applications are manually entered into the student admission management software. Once this step is completed and the data is digitized, the subsequent processes mirror those used for online applicants.

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