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Features of eTutor’s Student Learning & Exam Management Software for Schools

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Content Management

Offering core subjects content of class 6-12th, as a complementary to conduct tests and students do practice.

Adaptive Practice Module

AI-based questions curated to upskill students’ practice routine, excel difficulty levels and stay competitive.

User Management

Defining individual roles with authorized logins made easy for Principal, Admin, Faculty, Students & Parents.

Learning Resources

Seamless way for faculty to upload the lecturer material in PDF & PPT formats and videos sharing.

Exam Management

Automated test engine to conduct exams effortlessly, with multi-type questions support, marking & instant reports.

Onscreen Marking

Paperless way of evaluation and grading, with easy scripts upload for the descriptive tests & assignments.

Doubt Clarification Module

Seamless connection between teacher and student, where doubts can be clarified and questions are answered.

Academic Calendar

Easy mapping & navigation through the entire academic timetable of the classroom, on monthly, weekly or yearly basis.

Push Notifications & SMS

Keep your students, faculty and parents notified on the exams, school holidays, external events and programs.

Content Management

Make the best use of the core subjects content, which we offer for class 6th to 12th standard as a complementary. You also have an option to upload your own question bank, which altogether helps your faculty to conduct online tests and let your students practice.

  • Complementary core subjects content
  • Easy question bank upload
  • Readily available content for practice
  • Easy pick & drop question to conduct tests
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Adaptive Practice

Let your students upskill their practice routine by solving AI-based questions. Our system is intelligently designed, by keeping in mind that students practice more questions in less time, based on various difficulty levels to stay competitive & perform well in real exams.

  • Less time wastage on unnecessary topics
  • Optimizes time with smart preparation
  • Improves speed and accuracy skill set
  • Unlimited non-repetitive questions
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User Management

Just within few clicks, you can define roles of Principal, Admin, Faculty, Students & Parents. Dashboards with authorized logins are given with the accessibility & privileges you would like to give for an effective school management, better education delivery & student progress tracking.

  • Principal login
  • Admin/faculty access
  • Student dashboard
  • Parent monitoring
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Learning Resources

We made the learning resources availability on cloud, where your faculty can upload the lecturer material, important formulae, presentations, shortcuts, tips & tricks in PDF & PPT formats and also can share videos. Your students will never miss a topic behind!

  • Lecturer material upload
  • Videos sharing
  • Important notes
  • PDF & PPT format support
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Exam Management

eTutor automated test engine lets you faculty or admin conduct exams effortlessly, with multi-type questions support, enabling marking scheme, grading system and instantaneous reports. Cut down the time, efforts and money involved in the exam management routine.

  • Multiple exam type
  • Objective, descriptive questions
  • Accurate marking & grading
  • Instant test reports
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Onscreen Marking

We’ve made it extremely handy and user-friendly with the onscreen marking scheme for better evaluations and grading. With an easy scripts upload of the descriptive tests and assignments, the entire process becomes paperless and effortless for admin and faculty.

  • Easy scripts upload
  • Paperless evaluation
  • Effortless grading
  • Results sharing
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Doubt Clarification Module

Enable an uninterrupted communication between your teachers and students, where doubts can be clarified and questions are answered. Student can post a question whenever something raises and even teachers can post a question, which reaches to the entire class.

  • Clear doubts in minutes, rather hours
  • No question remains unsolved
  • Subject wise faculty solutions
  • Anytime anywhere clarification access
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Academic Calendar

Our exam management software & student learning platform acts as the perfect medium to plan, navigate and execute your academic timetable of the classroom, based on monthly, weekly or yearly basis. Everything in a structure way & strategic approach!

  • Virtual calendar
  • Micro-schedule
  • Schedule publishing & sharing
  • Schedule monitoring – Planned Vs Actual
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Push Notifications & SMS

Timely SMS alerts and push notifications on dashboard keeps you students, faculty and parents notified on the upcoming exams, school holiday announcement, external events and programs, which would be conducted in short notice or so. All in real-time!

  • Exams
  • Events
  • Holidays
  • Programmes
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