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Blended Learning

Letting learners go extra mile and perform well by bringing in both the classroom learning as well as advanced technology – Create interactive learning eco-system!

Outcome based learning

Leveraging Bloom’s Taxonomy in eTutor, educators can now structure the learning objectives to students and analyze, assess better like never before.

Day-to-day Management

The best LMS for schools ever designed to uncover a hassle-free way to manage day-to-day activities with great customizations and seamless integrations.

Thorough Engagement

Comprehensive learning management system for students, teachers and parents, to connect, communicate and collaborate at one place – Stays well-informed!

Implementation & ease-of-use

eTutor learning management systems for schools is intuitively designed, wherein no special training is required to use & implement it, the support never leaves you behind.

Built-in content library

Renowned to organize and make content available, including lesson plans, work sheets, learning resources, question bank with adaptive practice functionality.

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Although every challenge is unique, our case studies provide an evidence of the professional and agile approach provided by eTutor’s learning management systems for schools.

APTWREIS (Gurukulam), Amaravati

The APTWREI Society, Gurukulam is operating schools of education excellence across various locations in Andhra Pradesh. They train students to get admissions into premier engineering and medical schools by letting them performing well in JEE and NEET.

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FAQs of eTutor Learning Management System (LMS)

A The learning management system (LMS) is a web-based SaaS platform that lets educational institutions manage students' learning processes, while simplifying administrative tasks. A learning management system aids in the planning, implementing and monitoring student participation, as well as assessing student performance that ultimately enhances their skills and overall academic aptitude.

Generally, these are the following list of learning management system (LMS) features that institutions must look for -

  • • Students’ data management & tracking
  • • Online exams & calendar
  • • Centralized database with role-based access
  • • Relevant inbuilt content & learning sources
  • • Student performance evaluation
  • • Personalized communication platform
  • • AI-powered reports and analytics

Below are the top benefits of using an LMS in a school setting.

  • • Support efficient distribution of class materials
  • • Wealth of learning resources access
  • • Parental access to class schedule, outlines and assessment
  • • Enables diverse assessment options to educators
  • • Transparency and sharing on feedback
  • • Better communication and collaboration
  • • 360degree student data and performance tracking
  • • Digitalization of teaching and learning

Here are the steps to set up a successful learning management system (LMS) -

  • • At your institution, identify the gaps in learning.
  • • Consult with faculty regarding precise requirements.
  • • Find an ERP vendor that you can trust to customize the ideal LMS solution.
  • • Examine your needs with the vendor before customizing the best LMS solution.
  • • If required, make adjustments to the LMS system.
  • • The easy-to-use platform Set up your LMS!