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Why choose online exams over traditional exams?

With new-age technologies, knowledge is not limited to classroom learning. Both the traditional and online examination methods help in accessing the student's gaps. But there are a few differences between them.

Traditional Exams Online Exams
More Paperwork Reduced paperwork
Attend exams in a specific location, like a classroom Attend exams anywhere with an internet connection
Perform manual ID verification process Uses Protocring software for maintaining the security
Delay in the feedback of test results. Immediate feedback on test results
No platform knowledge is required Requires platform knowledge before taking the test online.
Limits question types due to time constraints Can incorporate multiple question types in the online exam

How does an online examination system work?

Online exams are conducted by utilizing specialized software that enables students to remotely access the test through the internet. The fundamental steps are as follows:

Setup: The admin is responsible for creating and setting up the online exams for the students.

Student Access:The admin will issue a particular link or login information that students can use to access the online examination system.

Taking the Examination: Students enter the online exam with the login credentials provided and submit answers for the test.

Exam submission: After finishing the test, the student submits it using the online test platform.

Grading: Soon after the student submits the exam, our online exam system generates reports that show the exam results, including each student's scores. Our online exam platform also identifies the gaps where students need support and training.

We combine the Cloud, AI and Machine Learning technologies, in our exam software solution to improve your assessment cycle and student better outcomes.

Hassle Free Exam Creation

At eTutor, we allow you to define and conduct both objective as well as descriptive type of personalised tests, quizzes and mock exams effortlessly.

Improving Student Assessment

Our online assessment software’s insights help you drill-down deep into student performances and assess them better, bring brighter learning outcomes.

Inbuilt Question Bank

Make the best use of our large sorted question bank, which bags more than 50,000+ questions with solutions, created by subject matter experts.

Automated Test Creation

Our system lets you compose your desired question paper in seconds and create the tests automatically – Be it Practice Test, Mock Exam or Quiz.

White Labeled Branding

We welcome you to enroll into our ‘White Label Branding’ & maximize your profits.

Scalable & Customizable

eTutor meets your educational needs and aligns to your workflow, despite of how big the student strength is.

Question Paper Jumbling

eTutor lets you create question papers with jumbled questions feature, so every paper remains unique so your students cannot copy answers from each other.

Alerts & Notifications

Keep your students, faculty and parents notified on the upcoming exams, holidays, external events and programs. Let everyone stay on top of your information!

Accessibility & Ease-of-use

Our interactive online examination system lets you gain access to it from anytime, anywhere and on any smart device. It’s super easy to use!

Customer Support

Stuck in-between something? Our experts are always there to assist you regarding the product.


Experience the Automation and Intelligence in all our features & functionality, which makes us the most trusted and best Online Exam Software & Assessment Partner for Colleges, Institutes and Academies.

Question Bank Management

eTutor has the benchmarked Question Bank that works on Machine Learning algorithm. It uses the meta-data and indexes each question with difficulty level and estimated solving time.

At your convenience, you can create unlimited questions of desired formatting style (Numeric, MCQ, etc.); Bulk upload directly by importing an Excel, Word or PDF files, to save time & efforts.

Also, make the best use of Image and Text format support to create random Questions


User Management

Seamlessly, you can add and import the students’ information in bulk or individually to easily assign the tests as per schedule.

Just within few clicks, you can define roles of Teacher/Admin, Principal and Management to monitor a single student or overall class performance.

Furthermore, eTutor even lets the parent to have an eye on his/her kids’ performance.Hence, the Multi-User Login is a big highlight!


Test Creation

Create Practice Test, Mock Exam or Quiz at your fingertips!!!

The value added User Interface & Test Creation settings in eTutor comes with perfect customization, where you can not only create and assign tests of your choice; but also schedule the Email & SMS notifications to alert your students regarding the test.

Besides, the Question Paper can be crafted offline and generate test automatically.


Test Insights

The powerful analytics and intuitive insights of eTutor place the student on a high-speed trajectory towards improved performance.

The system leverages robust question banking, automated test development, and intelligent adaptive testing to generate deep and actionable real-time insights into the student’s learning outcomes.

Flawlessly, you can drill down to their strengths & weaknesses, making your assessment easy. Filter rank wise and do comparison analysis student to student, while having an in-depth Test Statistics & Recommendations in a graphical view.


Question Types

eTutor Online Exam Software supports distinct question types, related to complex mathematical & equations, scientific diagrams, and much more.

Wide range of question types, supported by eTutor include, multiple-choice, short answer & ling answer, fill in the blanks, diagram type, coding, audio/video recording, and much more.

In this modern online exam era, it becomes very important for learners to practice both objective or subjective questions, before facing exam. So, as an assign given them the leverage of doing it on our responsive and intuitive online exam software.


OMR Assessment

Be it entrance, competitive or recruitment exam, eTutor allows you to upload the question paper, create test, and evaluate OMR sheets with an easy upload, making your assessment hassle-free.

One time OCR scanning imports all your OMR sheets with 100% quality, without missing any detail behind.

It’s not often seen in every cloud-based assessment solutions and eTutor gets the credits for having it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

An online examination or e-exam system is used to plan, organize and schedule weekly tests, quarterly or yearly exams, quizzes digitally. It enables seamless evaluation medium for assignees/ assessors of students’ knowledge, learning and command in understanding their creativity of implementation in new ideas and solutions.

It’s a versatile and convenient module crafted for teachers to assist them in creating subject-wise tests, track & analyze students’ performance to provide better personalized assessment and guidance. Consolidated view and instant access to the entire students’ data reduces most of their burden involved in measuring best, least and average scores. Subject-Wise analysis, Chapter-Wise analysis and Students’ Analytics are configure really well with eTutor.

It’s a convenient module for Administrators which allows them to add and import students’ information in bulk or individual basis, upload & allocate teachers, compose questions, assign tests and publish results with ease.

This module is holistically designed for principals, letting them access an intuitive dashboard to have a consolidated view on students’ performance & teachers’ lookup. Detailed drill down analytics and advanced graphical representation works really well, which offers a clarity over the marks, score, accuracy & speed obtained by students course-wise in each subject for particular test. Even the particular test results can be downloaded in excel format.

This module is designed for students and it defines various types of tests in which one can take the ongoing tests scheduled by the Admin/ Teacher. It even allows the students to take the practice test for themselves.

eTutor is one of the best online examination platform, which is user-friendly and hassle free for examiners. It ensures that the handling capability and technical adaptability is kept simple, which doesn’t actually need hands-on expertise.

Since inception, eTutor has been accomplishing a noteworthy user base across pan India, comprising of renowned universities and educational institutions. All the features are remarkable, and the functionality comes with utmost proficiency.