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Our comprehensive solution works on ambitious learning concepts, aimed at transforming and empowering colleges to deliver quality in education delivery.

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eTutor LMS Salient Modules

The education sector’s prominent individuals with greatest minds have handcrafted every module in eTutor LMS to deliver better learning experiences to colleges.

Content Management

We’ve made it easy for you to upload and share Learning Resources or Question Bank of your choice.

Adaptive Practice Module

Great chance for your students to practice chapter-wise tests, curated with AI-based questions and various difficulty levels.

Student Progress Insights

Get better understanding on your students’ performance and learning progress, for all tests undertaken across the college.

Exam Management

Effortless way to create class tests and publish results at teacher level and course exams at an institution level.

Doubt Clarifying Module

Uninterrupted communication between teachers and students, where doubts can be clarified and assignments are posted in a group.

Push Notifications & SMS

Get institution level updates & notifications on app and our LMS has a provision for you to send SMS to students.

Online Classes

eTutor LMS keeps you education delivery intact during unprecedented times by enabling virtual classroom.

Content Management

eTutor LMS lets you effortlessly upload, share and manage the content, related to chapter wise learning resources (Video Links, PPTs, PDF Notes). Upload the question bank of your choice. (multiple answer/single MCQs, match the following, fill in the blanks, )

  • Inbuilt QB for 11th to 12th
  • Question Bank Upload
  • Video Links
  • PPTs, PDFs
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Adaptive Practice

Let your students upskill their self-practice routine by solving AI-based questions chapter-wise. It’s like grooming themselves to stay competitive and perform well in actual exams. Yes, the reports of adaptive practice are shown on teacher, parent and student login.

  • Questions with various difficulty levels
  • Unlimited non-repetitive questions
  • Improves speed and accuracy
  • Optimizes time with smart preparation
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Student Progress Insights

Monitor your overall class or individual student’s performance and their learning progress in real-time, for the tests taken across the college. Be it adaptive practice tests or teacher conducted unit tests or even quarterly/half-yearly exams.

  • Individual student performance analysis
  • Overall class performance analysis
  • Comparative college analysis
  • Subject/chapter-wise drill down
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Doubt Clarifying Module

Enable a continual communication between teachers and students, where doubts can be clarified and questions are answered. Student can post a query whenever something raises & even teachers can post assignment, which reaches to the entire class.

  • Clear doubts in minutes, rather hours
  • No question remains unsolved
  • Subject wise faculty solutions
  • Anytime anywhere clarification access
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Push Notifications & SMS

Timely SMS alerts and push notifications on dashboard keeps you students, faculty and parents notified on the upcoming exams, college holiday announcement, external events and programs, which would be conducted in short notice or so. All in real-time!

  • Exams
  • Events
  • Holidays
  • Programmes
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Online Classes

Going digital has become a mandatory thing in the modern educational arena, as attending physical classes has become so risky. So, eTutor LMS even gives you the leverage to conduct classes virtually, so your assessments and education delivery stays intact even in crisis times.

  • Integrated Scheduler
  • 24×7 Cloud Access
  • Sessions Recording
  • Fully Secured
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