Learning Management Software Features
for Schools

Blended Learning

Integrated virtual class rooms

Make it fast. Make it easy. Open up the true potential of virtual classroom collaboration in real time. eTutor gives learners and instructors an ability to seamlessly communicate, collaborate and learn from anywhere, with just a few clicks - it's a snap!

e-Library with drip content

Release the e-content gradually to your learners from the e-Library, as per the schedule. Gain control on what your students must have an access to their course content. Right from e-books, classroom notes, questionnaires in multiple formats – MCQs & Descriptive, etc.

Student & teacher connect

Make the best use of the module to connect your teachers and students, so the learnings become easy and teachings hassle-free. Everything at the comfort of their location, with just an internet connection enable on smart devices.

Stakeholder portals and four-way connect

Enabling an easy and effective communication between all the stakeholders. Dedicated portals connect all departments and processes, while facilitating an end-to-end uninterrupted management of both the teacher and learning.

Online exams and AI proctorings

The advanced proctoring-technology driven eTutor LMS enables your faculty to conduct online examinations in a safe & secure environment. Be it mock tests, subject practice session – Make your students get ready for the actual exams beforehand.

On-screen marking and ePortfolio

Let’s you simplify, and speed up the answer sheet evaluation process, while saving logistical costs, and efforts. Your students can collect the evidence of their learning experiences through ePortfolio functionality. Go paperless today!

Digital Certificates

The digital certificates module in eTutor allows your educational institution to provide your students with proper accreditation of their learning and achievements. Valid them even more with your personalized logos and brand names. Keep it authentic!

Mobile and Tab Apps

Giving you the freedom to mobilize the learning process with application compatibility in eTutor LMS. Harness the power of smart apps on your mobile, tablet or any smart device. So, your students have no excuse other than to progress & prosper!


Blooms taxonomy framework

Allows your faculty to create online assessments based on the various learning checks, promoting personalised learning for students. Effortlessly teachers can map the learning gaps accordingly and structure the focused objectives to better analyze, and assess students like never before.

Inbuilt lesson plans

Greater agility in planning lessons through the inbuilt feature in eTutor lets your teachers save time. Ultimately, maximizes time efficiency for better interactions and student progress tracking indicates more insight on how well your students are understanding the lessons taught.

IRT based sorted and curated question bank

Our education experts have curated Item response theory (IRT) based question bank, with a very useful repository of questions. Conduct tests subject-wise, create questionnaires, and multiple quizzes, mock exams seamlessly by making the best use of large sorted question bank.

AI powered adaptive practice

eTutor’s LMS leverages AI power driven adaptive learning functionality. It lets you upskill your students’ practice routine, analyze their difficulty levels, work on them to stay competitive. Results in better progress, and fine-tunes their skills so they can perform well in real competitive exams.

Gamified, multimedia content

Let you students say goodbye to the conventional learning; employ gaming mechanism and introduce multimedia content to inject fun. And the result? Learners will more likely remember what they have learnt. Enhance your e-learners learning expertise with eTutor LMS.

Personalized learning paths

Let your students gain more ownership of their learning. Increase motivation and committent in them through the means of eTutor’s personalized learning paths. Self-assessment and peer-review here enables better understanding of skills and increases autonomy and ownership in learning.

Analytics and reports

Really customizable reports and intelligent analytics in eTutor LMS lets you build and get all the essential data on an intuitive dashboard. Course progress, class performances, subject and chapter-wise drill-down and recommendations contribute wholesome in improved learning outcomes.


Integrated academic calendar

eTutor LMS system is the perfect medium to integrate your academic calendar, through simple excel import option and work your plan. Connect your teachers and students, empower them to access the structured academic calendar and run the events as planned.

Inbuilt attendance – biometric/RFID integration

No more hassles of paper-based attendance routine. Go paperless and free your faculty from the monotonous manual work with eTutor’s LMS. Automate the whole system of students registration, ID card printing, and fingerprint verifications, while eliminating the chances of proxy attendance.

Course management

Access all your courses from one place, which you’ve created for conducting tests. Search for the particular course easily and edit it flexibly to change the active status, parent category or any other required field. Also lookout for the course-code to identify & navigate to any course, at any time.

Customizable examination system (Objective & Subjective)

Creating objective & subjective online exam might seem like a difficult task. But with the help of latest examination system in eTutor LMS it can be done in few simple steps. Plan and schedule exams as per the time schedule decided by the management and notify students remotely.

Parent-Teacher meeting

Parents are to be notified on how his/her kid is performing. There’s no barrier for teachers to connect with student’s parents through seamless meeting feature in eTutor LMS. We consider parents involvement crucial and has a direct impact on the performance of students.

Alerts and notifications

Control your academic processes in your educational institution by enabling timely alerts and sending push notifications to students, parents, and teachers. Everything in realtime! Your students never go uninformed on their classes, exam schedule, and grand tests, events etc.

Records and certifications

Digitally create records and certifications, share among the faculty and students regarding the performance, progress, attendance, etc


Easy to connect, communicate and collaborate

Engaging and uninterrupted learning community starts with eTutor LMS. It’s really easy to connect all your students and faculty, seamlessly communicate and collaborate – Just like in the real educational world. All that needed is a good internet connection; you’ve it all.

Personalized portals and dashboards

The dashboard comes with a flexible functionality, which allows administrator to create number of portals personalized for students, faculty and parents. Navigation aligns perfectly with the particular user base, and departments, enabling relevant access. So, everything is organized here!

Third party school ERP integrations

eTutor’s learning management systems integrates with your school’s ERP to digitize the daily work processes. So as to simplify the complex tasks including online admission, fees management, examination management, timetable, schedule planning, assessments teaching-learning, etc.

Automated alerts to all stakeholders

Information to the right people at the right time is what we believe to be an utmost importance in the education system. Sending auto-alerts to the learners about their prerequisites, or notifying faculty and other stakeholders on learning, teaching progress – It’s a snap here!

Email, SMS and App notifications

Keep everyone informed within the educational institution regarding all happenings with eTutor LMS. Send emails, bulk SMS and enable notifications on the App so nothing goes out of notice. Build and easy and effective communication within students, parents and faculty.

360 degree student profile

Imagine a parent wants to know how his/her kid is learning and doing in academics. This 360degree student profile feature brings in everything in-front. Right from academic reports, attendance information, grading and examination results – Everything on the screen with details.

Relevant information updates

eTutor learning management system for schools lets you pass on the right information to the right individual. Relevant information updates are shown on the screen once logged in to the concerned portals, for students, teachers, admin, parents and school’s management.

Detailed drill-down reports

Any moment if you want to narrow down the learning or teaching performance, course progress within you educational system – You can effortlessly. Reports with deep drill-down capabilities are graphically represented, which makes it real easy to understand and take an action accordingly.


Intuitive design & work-flows

eTutor LMS is very intuitive and easy=to-use, which allows you to create, plan and schedule learning content easily and quickly. Make you students’ learning an enjoyable experience and streamline the admin workflows, while saving time, efforts as well as costs associated.

Personalized portals and dashboards

The dashboard comes with a flexible functionality, which allows administrator to create number of portals personalized for students, faculty and parents. Navigation aligns perfectly with the particular user base, and departments, enabling relevant access. So, everything is organized here!

Customizable & scalable

eTutor lets you can create custom classes, high-interactive courses in minutes, and schedule exams virtually – With your logo & brand. Be it for a group of students or an entire class, the system lets you scale up and tailor as per your eLearning needs in school.

Multi-language support

Depending upon the user’s language preference and location, the multilingual LMS system - eTutor is adaptable. Our sole purpose is to make the eLearning reach wide and increasingly diverse. Education has no barriers, so we intend to give the freedom to choose their language.

Mobile friendliness

eTutor LMS is ease-of-navigate and works flawlessly on smart devices. Your learners can learn and teachers can teach at their pace from any place. Never compromises on security, all your data is safe and secure with eTutor LMS – Build an interactive eLearning community with confidence!

Low cost of ownership

Leveraging Cloud – eTutor LMS comes with no maintenance costs, faster deployment and improved accessibility. By which your costs associated in acquiring the ownership is pocket-friendly. Don’t worry of installing expensive hardware and software – We’ve covered you!

Technology support

At every step right from administration to certification, our skilled team is there to support you. If you are unable to upload any course or students can’t access study material – Reach out to us. Will address all the technical glitch within lesser time, you even imagine.

AWS cloud hosted

We considered cloud as a path to lay brighter eLearning experiences. eTutor LMS is hosted on the most innovative, secure and agile cloud-based platform ‘AWS’. We want our clients to embrace unique LMS solution to overcome roadblocks on their way to achieve educational vision.


Lesson plans

eTutor LMS lets plan day-to-day lessons effectively and make them accessible to students. It releases more productive space for better student-teacher interactions.

Work sheets

With our learning management system, you can quickly and easily assign PDF worksheet files to your distance learning students. It’s a great way to assess this way in 21st century.

Learning resources

Topic-wise study materials are made available on the cloud, so your students are never short of what you intend to access them real quick. From anywhere at any time!

Tips and tricks

Handy tips and tricks access in eTutors empower you to create vibrant learning environment to your students. It encourages them in better engagement and boosts towards high performance.

Question bank

Our educational experts have curated a large sorted NTA based question bank with solutions, which lets you easily pick and drop while conducting exams, quizzes and mock tests.

Informative videos

Redefine your students learning experience by letting them access video lectures, and informative videos. Align into the futuristic learning and stay ahead of the competition.

Lecturer notes

Taking the lecturer notes and referring them offline consumes enormous amount of time and efforts. Let you students access their lecturer’s notes, right after the completion of class.


eTutor LMS’s animations makes eLearning interest provoking to your students, as it simplifies complex ideas and tasks by offering a better visual representations.

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FAQs of eTutor Learning Management System (LMS)

A The learning management system (LMS) is a web-based SaaS platform that lets educational institutions manage students' learning processes, while simplifying administrative tasks. A learning management system aids in the planning, implementing and monitoring student participation, as well as assessing student performance that ultimately enhances their skills and overall academic aptitude.

Generally, these are the following list of learning management system (LMS) features that institutions must look for -

  • • Students’ data management & tracking
  • • Online exams & calendar
  • • Centralized database with role-based access
  • • Relevant inbuilt content & learning sources
  • • Student performance evaluation
  • • Personalized communication platform
  • • AI-powered reports and analytics

Below are the top benefits of using an LMS in a school setting.

  • • Support efficient distribution of class materials
  • • Wealth of learning resources access
  • • Parental access to class schedule, outlines and assessment
  • • Enables diverse assessment options to educators
  • • Transparency and sharing on feedback
  • • Better communication and collaboration
  • • 360degree student data and performance tracking
  • • Digitalization of teaching and learning

Here are the steps to set up a successful learning management system (LMS) -

  • • At your institution, identify the gaps in learning.
  • • Consult with faculty regarding precise requirements.
  • • Find an ERP vendor that you can trust to customize the ideal LMS solution.
  • • Examine your needs with the vendor before customizing the best LMS solution.
  • • If required, make adjustments to the LMS system.
  • • The easy-to-use platform Set up your LMS!

Yes, e-tutor LMS provides a wide range of chapter-wise reports to track the progress and performance of learners.

In India, K-12 education is called the 10+2 system, which consists of ten years of primary and secondary education followed by two years of higher secondary education.