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APTWREIS (Gurukulam), Amaravati


The APTWREI Society, Gurukulam is operating schools of education excellence across various locations in Andhra Pradesh. They train students to get admissions into premier engineering and medical schools by letting them performing well in JEE and NEET.


As they are spread across the state, the administration department were facing challenges in having a close track on the quality of training, education delivery and falling behind achieving better results. Towards this goal they wanted to administer series of common online tests in a uniform way, without missing on quality across all locations.


• To conduct standard online tests which are of same standard and pattern as the regular JEE and NEET exams, which are to be administered by a third party.
• Get detailed reports on the students’ performance for further analysis and action.


We have offered customized assessments on the eTutor platform to the students of APTWREIS. Further, suggested them to publish a calendar of Part tests, Cumulative Tests and Full Mock tests to match their preparation schedule. For each of the tests our team generated unique question papers with specified complexity and difficulty levels.

Because of the in-built machine learning algorithms, the system could generate detailed reports on students’ performance. These reports were helpful in identifying the potential weaknesses in a candidate’s preparation. Teachers were able to give personalized guidance and support to each candidate in overcoming the weaknesses.

The calibrated question bank helped in creating standard high quality assessments and eliminated the paper setting workload on the teachers. This in-turn allowed them unleash productive time to devote more attention to students and give personalized care.


Thirty three students from across all the schools were able to secure admissions into prestigious engineering and renowned medical colleges in the academic year 2019-20.

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FAQs of eTutor Learning Management System (LMS)

A The learning management system (LMS) is a web-based SaaS platform that lets educational institutions manage students' learning processes, while simplifying administrative tasks. A learning management system aids in the planning, implementing and monitoring student participation, as well as assessing student performance that ultimately enhances their skills and overall academic aptitude.

Generally, these are the following list of learning management system (LMS) features that institutions must look for -

  • • Students’ data management & tracking
  • • Online exams & calendar
  • • Centralized database with role-based access
  • • Relevant inbuilt content & learning sources
  • • Student performance evaluation
  • • Personalized communication platform
  • • AI-powered reports and analytics

Below are the top benefits of using an LMS in a school setting.

  • • Support efficient distribution of class materials
  • • Wealth of learning resources access
  • • Parental access to class schedule, outlines and assessment
  • • Enables diverse assessment options to educators
  • • Transparency and sharing on feedback
  • • Better communication and collaboration
  • • 360degree student data and performance tracking
  • • Digitalization of teaching and learning

Here are the steps to set up a successful learning management system (LMS) -

  • • At your institution, identify the gaps in learning.
  • • Consult with faculty regarding precise requirements.
  • • Find an ERP vendor that you can trust to customize the ideal LMS solution.
  • • Examine your needs with the vendor before customizing the best LMS solution.
  • • If required, make adjustments to the LMS system.
  • • The easy-to-use platform Set up your LMS!

Yes, e-tutor LMS provides a wide range of chapter-wise reports to track the progress and performance of learners.

In India, K-12 education is called the 10+2 system, which consists of ten years of primary and secondary education followed by two years of higher secondary education.