Ensure Exam Integrity with Our Advanced Online Proctoring Software

eTutor Online Proctoring Software is a fully automated, technology-driven assessment platform with advanced identity verification and browser security for unwavering result confidence."

  • Proctored Assessments
  • Live and Remote Monitoring
  • Screen Monitoring
  • Secured Browser
  • Automated Flagging and real-time alerts
  • Recorded Sessions

Proctored Assessments

We at eTutor Digital ensure a controlled exam environment by monitoring test-takers in real time, deterring unauthorized activities. As an educator, you can quickly validate test-takers identities using advanced biometric and identification verification processes.

Proctored Assessments
Remote Monitoring

Live and Remote Monitoring

Our live proctors oversee exams, stepping in if irregularities are detected and maintaining exam integrity in real time. Overcome geographical barriers with remote proctoring, allowing exams to be taken from anywhere while ensuring adherence to guidelines.

Screen Monitoring

eTutor digital platform monitor screens to prevent cheating through unauthorized resources or applications. Easily monitor audio and video feeds for any suspicious communication during the exam.

Screen Monitoring
Secured Browser

Secured Browser

Prevent access to external websites or applications during the exam, minimizing the risk of cheating.

Automated Flagging and real-time alerts

Automatically flag unusual activities for further review, reducing the manual effort required. Receive instant alerts about potential violations, allowing immediate intervention.

real-time alerts
Recorded Sessions

Recorded Sessions

Our platform helps record the entire exam session for audit purposes, offering transparency and accountability. Uphold the integrity of the examination process, fostering trust among educators and learners.


Online proctoring involves real-time monitoring of test-takers using webcams, microphones, and screen-sharing technology. Proctors can detect and prevent cheating behaviours, unauthorized resources, and communication during the exam.

Depending on the institution's needs, online proctoring can be used for various assessments, from low-stakes quizzes to high-stakes final exams.

Identity verification in online proctoring can involve biometric authentication, photo ID submission, facial recognition, and other methods to confirm the test-taker's identity before the exam.

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