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Why eTutor School Management Software?

eTutor strongly believes that educational enhancement and breakthroughs are triumphed when advancement and automation meets to an administrative and managerial activity level.

As your school partakes comprehensive subjects, diverse teaching models and complex exam patterns, it’s essential to go digital.

Our school management system is perfectly crafted to empower teachers, keep parents and students connected, while reducing the monotonous tasks of school administration.

Embrace paper-less technology to track students’ performance, manage admissions, feel collections, library’s cataloguing, accessioning and information circulation.


Access real-time and accurate information regarding any of your school department, faculty, student, etc. easily at anytime from anywhere.

Data-driven reports with visuals are given as colourful bar-graphs, charts; which work as actionable insights.


Student attendance can be seamlessly recorded in multiple ways through biometric readers, RFID cards, smartphone app, or manual manner.

The data from all these systems is stored in the ERP to get detailed attendance reports with multiple categories such as: student-wise, subject-wise, class-wise, or whatever your requirement is.


Manage and streamline your exam planning and execution in school effectively.

Examination module in eTutor ERP follows systematic workflow for pre-examination preparation, exam attendance management, post-exam management to attain grades and simultaneously reports for better result analysis,


Your students can participate in a variety of online activities such as - attending for online classes & tests, submit assignments and related tests.

Besides, they can quickly ask questions, be a part of discussion forums, and do much more activities.


The faculty can effectively engage your students by creating assignments, making announcements, sharing e-library links, maintaining forums, creating e-Syllabus, lecture notes, teaching plans, and even can reply to FAQs raised, etc. using this module


Keep parents and students in the connectivity loop all times, through SMS, Email, and Mobile Apps.

Easy the push notifications or alert messages can be sent to students, staff, and parents regarding important occasions, events, emergency situations, transactions, and so on.

Fee collection

Define types of fees, tuition fee, examination fee, hostel fee, etc. in the system and communicate students via the ERP in a click.

Collect fees hassle-free in any suitable mode such as online, offline or via counter collection.


Simplify your admission processes like inquiry, form & application submission, sending admission confirmation via emails, online document verification.

A document repository is created in the ERP containing and all the scanned copies of each student’s documents are maintained in the institute database. Enrolment numbers can be generated in bulk. We made all these features available in one module.


We have designed this module to manage the catalogue of a library and help you to keep the records of whole transactions of the books available in the library.

From acquisition of study materials, subject books, and periodicals in the library to its cataloguing and maintenance; your school can manage all these tasks effectively.


It’s easy to define academic calendar in the ERP and subsequently define time-table.

Create a faculty teaching plan effortlessly with this module. And, this teaching plan and the time-table get automatically reflected in the student login and also in the student app.


Technology-driven software system is designed to cover the concept of managing transportation for student and staff tracking, maintain all transportation details, and many more.

It supports vehicle compliance alerts, bus transportation routes, real-time vehicle, and route tracking facility to students/parents/staff.

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