JEE Mains 2019 Preparation Strategy

India’s Most Competitive Engineering Exam – JEE Mains 2019 Preparation Strategy

In order to get an admission in India’s most privileged institutions for graduation, one has to crack JEE. In this competitive world, everyone toils day and night to secure a one-hundred percent score. In the current scenario, to reach your goal, you definitely need a strong preparation strategy that overcomes all the hurdles in the journey of your preparation and paves the road to success. Don’t get stressed and lose the way in your thought process. e-Tutor is always there for you to guide you from the very beginning stage of your preparation till you get a final selection.

A negative mind can never give a positive result. So, first of all, have a strong and optimistic mindset that always gives you positive vibes. Believe in yourself and at the same time do not underestimate the hard work of others.

Remember, success is not owned by anyone, rather it is rented. And the rent is due every single day. The determination to succeed should be strong enough in your mind to take you to success.


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Stages of preparation

To assist you in your preparation, e-Tutor has come up with a preparation strategy to crack JEE. The entire preparation process to crack JEE is briefly divided into 5 stages namely

  1. The first stage of preparation: Know the Syllabus
  2. The second stage of preparation: Understand the topic weightage
  3. The third stage of preparation: Gather all the important books for preparation
  4. The fourth stage of preparation: Know your exam pattern and
  5. The fifth stage of preparation: Importance of practice tests
  6. The final stage of preparation: Importance of mock tests

The first stage of preparation

You can start preparing for the exam only after knowing the syllabus prescribed. Otherwise, you will be in a dilemma not knowing what to read. The syllabus for JEE 2019 is clearly mentioned in the official notification. In case you missed it there, have a quick look at the syllabus by clicking the link below.

Know the JEE Main 2018 Syllabus

The second stage of preparation

After knowing the details regarding the syllabus, it’s time to talk about the JEE Mains Syllabus with weightage for the examination.

Some of you may already be aware of the weightage and some may not know it. To help you avoid any misconception with respect to weightage of chapters in JEE Mains, e-Tutor is providing you with the weightage of various concepts in all subjects of JEE Main syllabus 2018.

Give importance to those concepts which have more weightage in the examination. Click on the following link and jot them down in your notebook carefully.

Understand the topic weightage

The third stage of preparation

Important books for Physics: A group of experts in Physics from e-Tutor sat down for a discussion and came out with the following list of books that a student has to go through in order to crack  JEE 2019.  Have a look at them.

  • Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma
  • Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov
  • Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker

Also, don’t forget to check out the official JEE Main Physics Syllabus.

Important books for Chemistry: e-Tutor gives due importance to all the subjects. Our subject experts suggest you to read the following set of books which will be useful for your journey in Chemistry preparation. Here they are.

  • Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur
  • Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis
  • Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

 Besides, do check out the official JEE Main Chemistry Syllabus.

Important books for Mathematics: Every subject has its own importance in JEE. You have to be a master of each and every concept. e-Tutor suggests you 5 golden books for Mathematics that are worth reading to make your dream come true. Go through them and see that you have all those on your study table while preparing for Mathematics.

  • Maths XI & XII by NCERT
  • Trigonometry by S. L. Loney
  • Co-ordinate Geometry by S. L. Loney
  • Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight
  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron

Furthermore, have an eye on JEE Main Maths Chapter-wise weightage.

The fourth stage of preparation

The prime requirement to win in any test is to be fully aware of the test details without which you can’t even manage to attempt the test properly. Here are some of the important details with respect to JEE 2019 which have been taken from the official notification. Click on the following link and have a look at those details.

Know your exam pattern

Students, now you are fully aware of the test pattern. All your preparation will be assessed in an online exam within a span of 3 hours. These 3 golden hours will serve as the building blocks for your career. It’s time to move to the next stage of the journey i.e., knowing the importance of mock tests.

The fifth stage of preparation

Students, in course of JEE preparation, getting a stronghold of the concepts is very important. But, mere knowing the theory without application does not come handy in any examination. You should know the way questions are asked in JEE Mains and also the difficulty level of numericals asked. This can be known only by solving chapter wise practice questions without skipping any chapter.

You need not waste your time analysing the important concepts in each chapter. E-tutor comes to your rescue by providing practise questions for each chapter along with solutions and a brief explanation. Thus, you will be successful in knowing the type of questions asked in each chapter in JEE Main examination. Now, let us move to the last stage of preparation.


The final stage of preparation

You have almost completed your preparation. Only a small portion of it is left. This part of your journey is of utmost importance than any other stage. If you do not dedicate your time well to this stage, you dream remains only a wish. To make your dream come true, you must know how to apply the concepts that you have read. Solving mock tests helps you cope with the online mode of test.

In this stage, mere attempting of mock tests turns out to be a complete waste of your time. Rather, after attempting each mock test, analyze it. Try to solve the questions which you are unable to solve during that 3-hour span. This helps you in knowing and correcting the mistakes which you have committed. Thus, you can be a great teacher to yourself.

Again you need not worry about what test series to purchase or what website to follow. A team of experts from e-Tutor designed a test series, especially for JEE examination. You can purchase the test pack and it gets activated with no time lag. After attempting each mock test, you will be provided with a solution for each question and also a brief explanation.

In case your query is not resolved even after going through the explanation, you are at liberty to contact us. Our expert team will always be ready to help you in clearing the doubts and in boosting the knowledge of various concepts. Thus, as promised, e-Tutor keeps its word and stays with you from the beginning till the end of your preparation journey,

A journey in pursuit of your dream.



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