How to Crack JEE Main 2019?

From this year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) is going to conduct the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main exam, starting from January 6th to January 20th in 258 cities across India.

Based on the reports, total 9.5-lakh candidates are expected to appear for the next big national exam JEE Main. Every year, the Joint Entrance Exam is conducted for aspirants seeking an admission in the prestigious engineering colleges such as IITs, IIITs, NITs, and various other CFTIs (Centrally Funded Technical Institutions) across India.

JEE exam is held every year in two phases, one is JEE Mains and the other is JEE Advanced. A candidate should get qualified in JEE Mains to be eligible for appearing JEE Advanced. The final score and rank acquired by the meritorious aspirants will grab ‘em admissions and an opportunity to pursue their favorite branch of study.

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As there is a tough competition, an aspirant has to prepare really well to crack both JEE Main as well as JEE Advanced exams.

Here are IIT JEE Preparation Tips followed by Toppers for you –

By this time, mostly every student would have studied the syllabus and revised everything. Most probably, a thorough analysis on weakness and strengths might be done by taking a number of mock tests, both topics wise and subject wise. Actually, this is not the time to experiment on new things or to learn anything new, but to consolidate what has been already learnt.
It’s ideal to focus on revising important formulas & key points and smart strategies should be on the top of aspirant’s mind.
As we all know the IIT JEE exam is most likely to be a stressful encounter for an aspirant. It is expected to be appeared for about three long hours back to back. To be ready for such situation, one must indulge in a real-time exam alike atmosphere and experience it by taking mock tests as per NTA pattern.

To maintain calmness and manage stress, one should practice meditation and eat healthy.

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Now, checkout the Subject-wise JEE MAIN Preparation Tips :

The JEE Mains subject-wise preparation tips are very helpful for aspirants and the three subjects are imperative so the equal importance should be given.

Before kick starting the preparation, students should refer the exam syllabus given by NTA and make a proactive strategy to prepare in a comprehensive way. We are sharing here some tips that will help you to prepare all the three subjects of JEE equally.

Physics :

Along with books like Concepts of Physics by HC Verma, also don’t miss an eye on referring NCERT books, which will ultimately help you in understanding the concept more precisely. As Physics is a conceptual subject, you got to dig deep into the basic concepts thoroughly without fail that will make the problem solving a cakewalk. Once after you study a particular topic, on the same day do ensure that you solve the related problems promptly. By which, you’ll get to make your concepts crisp clear and that helps you in remembering & recalling them on right time in a better way.

Chemistry :

Coming to the Chemistry subject, it is a combination of theory, concepts, problems and most importantly chemical equations. You got to understand the subject better by referring to some good book by renowned authors. Mark down the important points while studying a topic, so that in future that fetch good value during revision. Solve the problems related to the crucial concepts and practice the chemical equations to recall & remember them in a best way.

Mathematics :

Now, when we talk about Mathematics, it’s the most important subject and all the topics should be thoroughly covered while you practice the problems.

Keep solving the problems continuously so that you can create your own shortcut methods and relate ‘em to different topics. This really adds in saving time during the JEE Mains exam time.

So, these are few tips when we talk subject-wise to appear for JEE mains exam. Make a precise time table and allocate time wisely for all the exam subjects, especially for the topics you’re weaker or lagging behind. This streamlined flow will ensure that you finish covering the entire syllabus within the tight timeline and save some space for revision.

Have a glance at the books for JEE Main Preparation :

In securing a top score and rank in the JEE Mains exam, the books you choose will play a predominant role. However, there are various books available for all the 3 subjects, but one should not get lost in referring all as it might lead to confusion. Pick up the books in a significant manner to understand the concepts. We’ve listed down few crucial books, yet as discussed earlier you should also refer NCERT books to make the basic concepts even more clear.

Here’s the Class-wise Distribution of marks in 2018 paper :

If we analyze the 2018 JEE Main paper, here are the marks distribution happened class-wise. This will give an insight for you on upcoming exam.

• In Physics subject, there were 15 questions asked of 60 marks from class XI and the remaining 15 questions were of 60 marks from class XII.

• Coming to Chemistry subject, 13 questions of 52 marks were asked from class XI and remaining 17 questions of 68 marks were asked from class XII.

• Lastly in Mathematics subject, 16 questions of 64 marks were asked from class XI and the remaining 14 questions of 56 marks were asked from class XII respectively.

Hopefully, the aforementioned JEE Main Tips would add a good value for your exam preparation and ace top score & rank.

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